Comment 12 for bug 681877

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

Installed Natty using the 20110214 image, results are as follows:

kernel 2.6.38-3.30 - kernel doesn't even boot, right after grub loads kernel and initrd I get a blank screen, if I push the power button the system turns off instantly.

kernel 2.6.38-2.29 - Boots fine, suspends and hibernates without problems and resumes from both also without problems. Only issue I could find is that hibernate doesn't appear in the Ubuntu panel, I had to use the pm-hibernate command for that, but this appears to be OK for Natty.

kernel 2.6.38-rc4-natty[1] - boots fine, suspends and recovers fine, hibernates and restores fine.


Our E6410 is used primarily for Ubuntu testing so I'm available to test and report on any fixes or new code.