Comment 58 for bug 634702

I have a Lenovo s10e, which has always booted just fine since I upgraded it to Maverick a few weeks ago. However after the latest kernel update (to 2.6.35-22.34) suspend isn't working anymore. When trying to resume from suspend, the device is frozen with a pitch black display (it's not just a backlight problem, as it used to be in Lucid). Hibernate works, but is too slow with full disk encryption to be of any actual use.

Could this be in any way related to the latest kernel changes for the s10-3? Or is this a different problem? If so, could somebody please point me to a pertinent bug report? I have of course searched Launchpad for recent suspend issues, of which there are quite a few, but none of them seems to reflect the situation on my Lenovo s10e. Thanks!