Comment 3 for bug 614238

Alan Lord (theopensourcerer) wrote :

I found a 2.6.31-13 Karmic kernel image in and tried that.

Unfortunately the wavyness was still present.

The whole desktop also locked-up shortly after logging in so it wasn't much of a test I'm afraid. Booted into the Maveric kernel and disabled Compiz. Then rebooted back into the 2.6.31 kernel. The desktop no longer locks up but the external display still has the wavyness.

One other point to note is that neither kernel is correctly detecting the external monitor via EDID. The maximum resolution I can set for the external monitor is 1360x768. My monitor is a native 2048x1152 Samsung 2343BW. Although the wavyness also occurs on an external 1024x768 projector too.

Any other suggestions to help track this down?