Comment 17 for bug 594866

I can confirm problems with RT2860 in the 2.6.35-21-generic too.

I've had problem like it ever since Ubuntu 10.04 related to the kernel. (Bug filed)
I have been running on a RC kernel which seemed to fix any problems.
Previously I had problems connecting to WPA2 Personal and possibly others too.
With 2.6.35-21-generic WPA2 Personal seems to work however.
But nevertheless problems resurface when I try to connect to WPA2 Enterprise with TTLS+PAP. (The global EDUROAM network here)

I'm able to connect to the network but the connection is spotty at best.
When the connection is not falling out, I'm simply not able to communicate on it - no DNS or data.
If I'm really lucky I manage punching a hole through just long enough to load a webpage, but then loose the data connection again.

I'm running on a standard EEE PC 1000H.