Comment 33 for bug 579300


Sorry to say but tvtime gnome radio most of pci tv cards are just NOT working with pulse audio. Oh you can use sox and that stuff, But like said before it is very processor consuming, Causes delays (even with best possible settings ) between image and sound. If at the same time you perform large copy's of files in the background, Yes just that moment you watch tv since you have to wait anyway. But it's just a disaster seeing the images before the sound, on top of it sounds becomes garbled sometimes.

Again most HDA cards (chipsets) are NOT supported correctly by pulse audio !!!!! (sometimes not at all)

Whitout the oss emu into the kernel core Maverick is a complete garbage multimedia wise. Note that many older computer games as well DO not work without oss emu. And newer games ??? well for linux not to much choice i think.

SO PLEASE ENABLE OSS EMU INTO THE KERNEL AS STANDARD It will be needed for many many years as long pulse is so bad.

Maverick is good for much things, But Mister T Cheng Enabling the oss emu does not degrade maverick at all and does NOT produce any other bug. It's not an accident that oss emu is just a standard feature into linux basic kernels. It's just needed.

Now maverick is multimedia wise just like windows which bugs already into the package.