Comment 31 for bug 579300

Steve Church (creepy) wrote :

Hey Mr. Chen,

Firstly, thanks for responding. It's nice not to be ignored. And thank you for your hard work. Open source software would not be worthwhile without the efforts of people such as yourself.

Now. Pulseaudio is not a solution. Pulseaudio blows goats. I've never had it installed and heard things playing through my speakers at the same time. Pulse installed = speakers silent. Pulse removed = speakers speaking = rainbows, unicorns, daisies, porn and beer. Now I'm not opposed to reinstalling pulseaudio if I come across a howto with fewer than 20 steps between apt-get and I hear noise. Suggestions?

My point is that the unofficial resolutions to which you refer are not mature enough yet to be considered worthy of production. Until they are, config_*_*OSS* should remain enabled.

Hell, there shouldn't even need to be a workaround in the first place! It's not as if the hardware I have is uncommon or outdated. It's certainly neither fringe nor obsolete. I have a pcHDTV HD5500 and a Pinnacle PCTV HD 800i. They're both less than 4 years old, and they're both common. Mythbuntu is an official Canonical project, right? Is it logical for the kernel on which Mythbuntu runs not to support hardware which might likely be found in a Mythbuntu box?

Maturity, maturity, maturity. It's an important concept. OSS is old and unmaintained, but it is mature. It is reliable. It works. New hardware is being sold that uses OSS. Pulse, on the other hand... well, Ctrl-F and search this page for "pulse." Don't consider only my opinion.

Truly, I can appreciate the need to, as you say, "clear out the audio jungle." But don't do it yet. You've been planning to do this for 5 years. What's the rush now?

Please. Wait until workarounds are easier / more user friendly, or at least better documented. Ubuntu's supposed to be Linux for your grandmother. I wouldn't want my grandmother dealing with configuring pulse in its current incarnation, though.