Comment 26 for bug 579300



 I already proposed that. But there is no negatif effect to have oss into the core. If it's there Your not forced to use it, at start up you can blacklist it if you want.

So since pulse does not do at all what must be done concerning oss emu. There is no way to interfere from many programs whitout the oss emu (using this you also have the full posibility's of your audio hda cards if you adapt the alsa-base.conf with model = XXX)

Al other stuf trough pulse if you get it to work, your losing also synchronisation between video and audio with tv pci device cards.
It's very proccesor consuming on top total usseless.

Hello bowsen, Sorry I can't help you there as i don't have i386. Now in the comming days I will not be at home for a week.

greetings christophe