Comment 130 for bug 579300

Jacob Brown (jacob-gnu) wrote :

Hey guys!
I'm using natty and I've noticed that my old quake3 based games are still broken because you all decided to take out OSS compatibility. I tried to install OSSP, but that package doesn't even exist for Ubuntu. So, I did try to download and compile it manually, and after a while, I was able to get ossp to run, but it looks like it doesn't even support mmap for /dev/dsp, so I still can't play my old games.

You need to either re-enable OSS compatibility support (or at least put the snd-pcm-oss.ko into the oss-compat package which is currently broken), or fix OSSP so that it works with mmap programs and package it for Ubuntu so that non-developers can use it.

  I was telling my friend about it this weekend saying I was going to try to finally finish Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but that I couldn't get audio working on my computer. He was like, "Hahaha, Linux is always broken for games.", but I had to reply "This time, the Ubuntu developers actually broke it on purpose." :(

By the way, it is really bad manner to disable an important feature for your users just so you can try to develop some new replacement. You should have instead modified your own kernels on your dev-boxes instead of breaking it for the entire Ubuntu user base.