Comment 113 for bug 579300

first of all, thanks so much for making this deb
but I experienced a couple of problems trying to use your kernel:
- I get a long list of errors (can't cut and paste from the Gdebi console) when installing both the image and the headers from deb
- after installing the headers Gdebi lists an error which says I need to install the headers (?!)
- the broadcom driver doesn't work in this kernel so I'm not able to get wifi
here is the broadcom driver url:
 - I've found that 'Linux 2.6.35-24-generic' kernel works with the broadcom driver
- the Grub menu won't load by holding down the <shift> key during boot
that's all I found so far
has anyone else tried to install the image and headers?
if so, any troubles/issues?