Comment 25 for bug 550559

Adam Ziegler (mrbond) wrote :

I can confirm the same on Maverick x64 Server, kernel 2.6.35-24-server, all latest software updates. ASUS P6X58D Premium, latest BIOS.

I am seeing ata soft resets, hard resets, and then crashes on both devices connected to my Marvell 9123 ports (SATA-6Gbps), a SATA-3Gbps Corsair F120 SSD (w/latest firmware, as the OS/boot drive) and a SATA-1.5Gbps LG Blu-ray reader. Preceded by "READ FPDMA QUEUED" command errors in dmesg. All other SATA devices connected to the SATA-3Gbps controller are fine.

The system is hardlocked, except...I can still login via SSH from a networked machine, and I can browse the machine through SFTP. Trying to run basic system commands (like ls -l, fdisk, sudo, and the like) results in "Bus error" or "Input/output error". "shutdown" is impossible, so i have to hard-reset the machine. This happens randomly, without any apparent cause, and no data loss or corruption (though it scares me a little to hard-reset at all).

I recall this happening with prior kernels, as well. I will try switching the drive to a SATA-3Gbps port and see what happens. I don't care so much about losing access to the Blu-ray drive periodically, but I'd rather not lose the OS drive.