Comment 146 for bug 550559

Adrian Jones (adriqn) wrote :

I have had this problem, both with read and write errors but I have only recently noticed it after doing a new install on a headless server and leaving the screen plugged in. I have not had any crashed, data loss or data corruption.
Interestingly I have 3 HP ML150 servers but only 2 report this error the spec of each server is as follows:
server 1
Operon quad core 2.2
2 additional PCI-e ethernet cards
4 x 250GB SATA HDD in software RAID10
Ubuntu server 12.04 64bit

server 2
Operon quad core 2.2
1 additional pci-e ethernet card
4 x 1.5TB SATA HDD in software RAID10
Ubuntu server 10.04 64bit

server 3
Operon quad core 2.2
0 additional pci/pci-e cards
4 x 1.5TB SATA HDD in software RAID10
Ubuntu server 10.04 64bit

The Bios settings are all identical. Servers 1 & 2 both have this error, the 250GB drive are getting on a bit but the 1.5TB are brand new. I have tried changing the cables with no effect. The error has been reported on all 4 drives for each machine.

Server 3 has not had any reports. The only other difference is the PSU has been replaced in server 3 for a cheap one from amazon!

This has lead me to think that is is a power related issue, but since it does not seem to have any impact on performance or data integrity I am not sure I need to be concerned??

 My next plan is to use the drive from either server 1 or 2 and put them in server 3 to see if I get any errors.