Comment 24 for bug 543836

pauls (paulatgm) wrote :

Sorry, but it failed here the 1st time after rebooting. I had to re-create the file, but only need one line with the word "Default" in it. Now, I have rebooted several times and even suspend / resume and it connects ok. adt41287, did you reboot since deleting that file?

I tried again the original 10.04 live cd, and I could get the driver to scan successfully, but still unable to get it to connect to my wpa2-psk network. So, I still think they need to reconfigure rt2870sta for wpa support (as the source code instructs).

Another comment to ndee about why it's not getting fixed. I read a blog by Holback, highlighted in Ubuntu Weekly News, that said they have 2200 bugs with patches ready to be fixed, but don't have enough developers to actually complete them. So, they are hoping to do 20 per day and hope to get them done by maverick time.

Anyone know when the rt2800usb will get working for our chip?