Comment 14 for bug 538895

Added the repository and installed the package, replacing the backports
module. Could not boot into the most recent kernel (2.6.30-20) in either
regular or recovery modes - one CPU would hang (soft lockup - CPU#1
hangs for 61s modprobe 622). Booted into 2.6.30-19, removed
linux-alsa-driver-modules and reinstalled equivalent backports. I can
now boot 2.6.30-29 with no problem. I was not able to find a
meta-package for the linux-alsa-driver-modules package - I don't know if
that makes a difference or not.

On the motherboard there are contacts where an SPDIF connector could be
located - there is no connector present.

Daniel T Chen wrote:
> Please verify with linux-alsa-driver-modules from ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev
> after a reboot that the existing quirk (which you also noted above) is
> incorrect.