Comment 14 for bug 538256

Included is a very dirty solution that really has poor performance (1-2 sec for action to take place), but in my opinion it is much better that typing commands on the shell to adjust brightness.

Attached is a bash script to handle the event generated by the /etc/acpi/events/ideapad-video that must be created with following content:

# /etc/acpi/events/ideapad-video
# Called when the user presses the brightness fn-keys

action=/etc/acpi/ %e

Should be possible to to also develop an executable with better performance, but I still hope that ACPI will be fixed in a later version ubuntu.

The acpi_fakekey command in fact gives no results, maybe someone knows hot to let ubuntu resond graphically in some way as it does with volume up/down.

Comments and improvements are welcome.