Comment 39 for bug 500069

I've made a typo in my previous comment: you have to specify (at least in my case) bs=64k , not bs=64. Command line example was correct. Any other value, bigger or smaller (32k, 128k, 256k) brings speed down back to 3MB/s.

One more thing. I've found second pen drive which is working correctly (full 5MB/s writing speed). There are some small differences in lsusb between those two. I'm attaching lsusb -v output.

On the working pen drive (Adata) bs doesn't really matter. Of course with bigger block size, you get bigger writing speed up to 128k. Bigger bs than 128k doesnt change anything. I've tested from 256k up to 2048k, still achieving full writing speed.

I'll try to test more USB sticks.