Comment 194 for bug 496093

CSkau (clementskau-gmail) wrote :

In your case I might recommend you to use Marco Paulo Martins Sousa's #164 solution.
Go and download one of the proposed (2.6.33+) kernels.
I'm running off of 2.6.34-rc7-lucid this very moment on this eee PC 1000h and I haven't noticed any side effect so far.
This solution should be somewhat stable since future updates - until Canonical releases 2.6.33 - should simply push the kernels underneath the kernel you install. Further more, once they catch up to your version it won't matter for the very reason installing it in the first place works - the bug is fixed in kernels 2.6.33+.

Good luck to you and your sister :)

You can find the kernels here: