Comment 4 for bug 464559

Jack Holborn (jack-bbpfrance) wrote :

I'm also affected by this bug. I didn't had a clue about what happened at first until I saw this post. Then I tried to reproduce the flasher's "workaround" by doing only:
modprobe -r ath9k
rfkill block wifi
rfkill unblock wifi
modprobe ath9k

while NetworkManager was still running, and eeePC reconnected immediately to my router (great!).
Falling back to 2.6.28-16, which used to have wifi working, helped me to recover wifi but then it has other issues. I was on my way to recompile a new 2.6.31 but rfkill saved me from doing it, now I think it wouldn't have been of any help.
Also the F2 hotkey started working as expected (on my UNR it disables wifi AND bluetooth). Ok it's definitely not a kernel issue I guess, maybe something like a script at boottime?