Comment 34 for bug 464559

Agreed. Using Ubuntu since eft, and the issue with wireless got a lot
better with Jaunty. Through Jaunty, and Intrepid I was not experience
any issues with wireless, even Ath or broadcom. Enter, Karmic and these
issues have magically cropped back up.

Note, as has pointed out this is a kernel bug, and NOT something to do
with Ubuntu itself. The ifconfig issue happened to me in Fedora, and
OpenSuse as well.

Just have to wait for a new kernel release folks. Till then, I recommend
using Wicd and the compatwireless drivers, they've been rocking for me.

On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 02:12 +0000, TDB wrote:
> > I have a laptop here that I upgraded to 9.10, this issue then suddenly
> > appeared. This issue did not exist prior to 9.10.
> Same here!
> @Chase Douglas: I don't know what you're talking about... what hard
> switches? There are no hard switches in these laptops. Just throw in 9.04 or
> windows and the "hard locks" are magically gone... I hope this rings a bell.
> @All: Unfortunately this is likely a kernel bug. My personal experience with
> bugs like this is that no one from Ubuntu team is capable of fixing those.
> This type of problems tends to go away with fresh kernel releases... Someone
> from Ubuntu will pop up here once in a while with "Is it still in Ubuntu
> X.XX?" and that's it. Move on, nothing to report here...