Comment 32 for bug 464559

Chase Douglas (chasedouglas) wrote :


I'll only make this comment once. The issues outlined in this bug seem to be hardware issues. We have diagnosed them down to hard blocks in the hardware that are keeping wifi from being enabled. There is nothing that can be done from within linux of any form to turn off a hard block. If the issues were that there was a soft block, we could look into ways in linux to flip the soft block, but that's not the case here.

This is not a matter of sweeping things under the rug to make lucid look pretty. It's recognizing that there are things out of our control as software developers. We cannot pour resources into bugs that aren't fixable in linux due to hardware issues.

I know wifi issues under linux can be a pain! I remember driving around town a few years ago trying to find the last revision B4 of the linksys wireless pci card because it had working linux drivers. We all want wireless to work well. That's why we must work on problems that are within our realm of control. This issue, unfortunately, is not.