Comment 20 for bug 446575

Merrattic (merrattic) wrote :

Nice find Vink :)

I may have an alternative solution. One of two things:

I installed linux dvb tv from source.

I grabbed v4l-dvb-9defbd461e5f.tar.gz from (
and did the .configure, make and sudo make install on it. I went a bit over the top and chose to install everything.
(The version may be different now due to updates by developers)

This didn't work immediately, nor on reboot, in fact it killed my dvb completely.
But I revisited after a cold boot and I now get a perfect picture with no errors.

I did run another set of updates so this may also have had the same effect.

So not sure which one fixed it, but it is fixed, with no need to regress the kernel. (That was my next plan!)