Comment 52 for bug 422994

Rudi Servo (rudiservo) wrote :

Hi, I've been checking around for this bug, well what i have been able to conclude, is that obviously there is a problem with whom assembles the controllers, I have a pci card that has the VT6421A chip, no problems at all with WD and Samsung HDD's, on the other hand same chip from another budget manufacturer, gives me not only this type of bug on the Samsung but also the bug on WD drives, and both cards are detected with the same sata_via controller vt6421 rev 50, exactly the same.

I don't know how to correct the problem but I can offer access to my home server with the card installed and 2 Wd 500 gb caviar Hdd on the card if any developer wants to use it for testing, or I can send an extra card same model of the one that bugs.