Comment 36 for bug 422994

Cruncher (ubuntu-wkresse) wrote :

Confirming problem with WD20EARS+VIA6421.
Confirming patch is working for me.

@JHF2442 From my understanding the bus keeps resetting because of incoming data overflow, but there is no data corrupting. Writing data is not affected (therefore writing is possible at full speed), since the problem is the WD disk sending too much data when the controller requests a break (think of it as the fast SATA disk flooding the slow PCI bus. think DoS attack ;-) )

@JTZ after thinking about your comment, I did remember I had two freezes under heavy disk access load, resulting in kernel panics (caps lock+scroll lock flashing). However, in general the problem was only visible in really slow read transfer rates.

Thanks in advance for inclusion in Lucid updates.