Comment 177 for bug 414560

On Monday 11 Jan 2010 9:56:47 pm Michael B. Trausch wrote:
> I have installed on Karmic, and my problems with this issue
> have gone away. Would it be of any use to try to bisect the kernel to
> provide a patch here for Karmic, or is someone already working on such a
> thing? (I ask because it is pretty important that I get back to the
> Karmic kernel, because VirtualBox in Karmic does not work with,
> and I use it a good amount.)

Slightly off-topic, but you could simply do "sudo service vboxdrv setup"
or "sudo invoke-rc.d vboxdrv setup" to recompile the VBox drivers
after updating the kernel.
This works unless the kernel API is changed drastically.

I use it all the time.