Comment 17 for bug 414560

So, I'm trying compat-wireless-2009-09-14 on my Eee 1005HA (Atheros AR9285), and it looks like while ath9k isn't completely dropping my connection as often, I'm still seeing that it gets a beacon loss and then it goes through a connection retry step. The end result seems to be that while NetworkManager doesn't disconnect me and force me to disable/enable wireless to get connected again, my network connection seems extremely flaky. Running an ssh session between my 1005HA and another Linux box in my house (inside my LAN), keyboard input is very interrupted... like I'll type "ls -la /tmp/foo/bar/baz" and after about every 3rd or 4th letter is typed, my ssh connection freezes and then resumes again. Really weird. More annoying than having a completely dropped connection every 10 minutes or so.

Is there a better place to be carrying on this discussion? I REALLY want to get this problem fixed so I can not absolutely hate my Netbook and this bug doesn't seem to be getting any official recognition/help/feedback?