Comment 5 for bug 412862

John Rose (johnaaronrose) wrote :

On my Acer Aspire One A110 UNE Lucid (full install), microphone works on Skype 2.1 Beta download from Skype's web site if you do:
Install padevchooser, run Pulse Audio Device Chooser from the Sound & Video menu & select Volume Control (or run Pulse Audio Volume Control from the Sound & Video menu), select Input Devices tab, click the Unlock Channels icon, move one channel down to 0 and the other to 100. Now start up Skype, click the Main Menu icon, select Options (by moving the cursor till you see it as it's camouflaged) and under the General left 'heading' 'Choose style of 'Desktop Settings'. Click the Apply button. Click the 'Sound Devices' left 'heading'. Uncheck the 'Allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels' and click the Apply button. Exit skype by using Quit from the System Tray. Start up Skype, select Options (which you should now see), Sound Devices and use the 'Make a test sound' & 'Make a test call functions'.

I suspect that the above actions are only to correct bugs in Skype i.e. no bugs in Pulse Audio.