Comment 28 for bug 406466

merlin (holger-danielsson) wrote :


ok, i have done, what you wanted in comment #27:

1) The NAS is a FANTEC LD-H35NSU2


There is also an user manual (PDF datasheet) on this side, where you can see, what small changes in the samba configuration of this NAS are possible. Of course the latest firmware of this NAS is installed. But it is impossible to get the CIFS implementation of the NAS or change some other settings.

2) The tcpdump output is attached. I also put the given commands in another file. And i also added the output, which i wanted to get. There is no problem to get this f.e. from jaunty (see comment #1).

And this is really interesting: although i can't interpret the tcp output, i see great parts of the invisible directory listing. That's why i added two real directory listing from another system.