Comment 13 for bug 397696

Giacomo (giacomo-shimmings) wrote :

I've not had any issues for the last two weeks. Initially I thought it was a low signal issue and I recabled the route from the antenna and bought a strength meter to check, my siganl is good and has low noise.

I think my issue was to do with multiple capture cards in the mythtv database. I noticed additional NULL entries in the table when taking a peek with PhPMyAdmin.

This thread advocates making sure the table is clear, but I think I read a Ubuntu thread that said there was a bug where sometimes additional cards are added to the table. I can't find the forum posting now, but it does seem sensible to check your capture card table entries.

I wiped all the capture cards and TV sources and checked the database table for cards was clean. I made sure my /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf had the LNA and rc_polling options and did a cold reboot to load fw 1.20.

I enabled ETI for the listings source, but disabled EIT on each card. I populated the channels by doing a scan and then check the card table again using PhpMyadmin. Only the two tuners from the Nova-T 500 were present.

I enabled EIT scanning for data on one tuner and gave it a delay of 1000ms. Following this procedure, I have had no further errors. I have since upgrade my kernel this morning to 2.6.28-16 and will report back if there are any further issues.