Comment 137 for bug 396286

So both (ext3 and ext4) show the corruption messages when running with v2, but v5 never hits them. For better understanding I am attaching the diff between v2 and v5. As one can see there is no real change in that. In __iget there is just a printk added for the case that inode_check_acl() finds something. And all the changes to init_inode() just query i_acl and i_default_acl, which usually are set in inode_init_always(). There are just two cases where the acl values are not initialized and in both the test in init_inde() should then return NULL. And of course either way I would expect either a debug message here or at least hitting the problem in destroy_inode(). But as soon as this code is added, all problems go away. This is something I have a hard time to explain.