Comment 31 for bug 373821

"Frozen" photos:

syslog_g (attached)

My notes on "Using ZTE MF636 with various UBUNTU versions" at:

And and update for the above using an 9.04 standard installation:
1. force it to 19d2:0031 with AT+ZCDRUN=8 (or possibly running usb_modeswitch)
2. EDIT /usr/share/.../10-modem.fdi file to have 0x0031 instead of 0x0015 (for 0x19d2 vendor)
3. reboot with the modem
4. disable wireless (solves other issues)
4. setup twice (that means 4 SAME providers)
5. connect with the last listed provider's name

Please note that I am listing all possible info here to help you solve this incompatibility. Also my netbook is dedicated to tests now! (