Comment 3 for bug 373821

Cleber Santz (clebersantz) wrote :


   Seens that the code above are removed from unusual_devs.h in Karmic 2.6.30-5-generic

/* Reported by Mauro Andreolini <email address hidden>
 * This entry is needed to bypass the ZeroCD mechanism
 * and to properly load as a modem device.
/*UNUSUAL_DEV( 0x19d2, 0x2000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
                "Onda ET502HS",
                "USB MMC Storage",
                US_SC_DEVICE, US_PR_DEVICE, NULL,

So for me, ZTE is working fine with Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 1. But will be helpful create a UDEV rule like attached file to eject the ZeroCD