Comment 18 for bug 373821

Hi again,
I tested above in ALL possible parameters and did NOT work.
My EeePC 1000H was a -proposed updated "Linux pc 2.6.28-12-generic #43-Ubuntu" (normal 9.04 and not Netbook remix). Both rc6 and rc7 tested. Possibilities tried: Wireless enabled/disabled, modem attached before or after boot. Every try was a fully shut down, boot again. The modem was removed in every shut down because of power existing to USB port when connected to the power outlet 9USB charge mode). Then reinserted before or after boot.

A typical test cycle was: Boot without modem, wait for the system to stabilise, attach modem, wait to see the ZTEMODEM drive, eject this drive, wait >30 seconds, follow wizard instructions (if started and not stucked), create new connection, click on network icon to find the providers name and connect but: "mobile broadband not managed" or sometimes I saw the provider but before clicking it stucked. Stucked I mean no mouse no kbrd. Holding power button made a power off.

I managed to "dmesg" 2 times before stuck! I will post you a link with the "photos" taken.

I do not know if rc6/7 are facing problems with the EeePC or I have to do a clean 9.04 or 9.10 A1) install and then try the rc6/7 kernel.

A final note is that my Huawei E169 works all times with all kernels (9.04, proposed, rc6, rc7) in the same h/w without any stuck (this note rejects my one above).