Comment 10 for bug 373821

Danne MCA (danne-mca) wrote :

Thanks. I do the tests. Install the .debs (i386) and reboot. Choose the new kernel to boot and wait. All ok at here. Plug the modem and wait... Nothing happens, continues 19d2:2000. Use the udev rule and reboot. At boot my cd drive open (O.o). At the session I plug the modem again and wait, ok now, the modem was detected with 19d2:0001. But I can't get connection. Try using other modem (a huawei e226) and it work normal. Try my modem again, and nothing =[.

I remove this kernel and back to my normal Jaunty Kernel.

I will continues using the karmic (with the modem working fine, but with the udev rules making the cd drive open at boot) to test.

Thanks to try help again.