Comment 19 for bug 343371

Laurent Duchesne <email address hidden> writes:

> I can confirm I had the same problem with 2.6.31-18 (ICH7 chipset).
> After following these instructions to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.32,
> everything works fine:
> The mouse doesn't freeze anymore and apps are still responsive even
> when under heavy IO load.

Kernel 2.6.32 helped the situation, definitely. But unfortunately I ran
into som other compatibility problems with both PPA mainline-versions
and custom-compiled versions from upstream (missing App-armor, somewhat
strange/altered fs-mounting-behaviour at boot, readahead not working,
extremely slow hibernation). In the end I decided to stick to the
2.6.31-based kernels distributed with Ubuntu Karmic. I guess things will
get better when Lucid comes around..