Comment 14 for bug 343371

√ėyvind Stegard (oyvinst) wrote :


I've been running Ubuntu 9.10 for a while now (currently on kernel 2.6.31-17.54). The problem with high I/O latencies during write-load persists, even after migrating all partitions to the EXT4 file system. The hardware is still the same as when I reported this bug originally.

Again, to reiterate for Karmic, the issue typically appears when I run some process in the background that writes a lot out to disk (typical for audio/video work, etc), and then try to use my desktop for other things while this is going on. Firefox grinds to a halt immediately the first time it tries to do som disk I/O. And I have to wait for too long before I gets responsive again. This is a 64bit quad-core system with 8GB RAM, so there's plenty of resources. The symptoms are exactly the same as they were for Jaunty: all in all the disks and system is configured and running OK with good throughput performance, but the latency is just horrible at times.