Comment 6 for bug 342122

The "blank screen" issue has been resolved. It was caused by having an external 1280x1024 monitor connected which provides EDID information (obvious when I analysed the Xorg.0.log and remembered the integral display is 1024x768).

That EDID info was then being used to try and configure the integral display. What is strange is why the external display didn't manage to show something since the text console is cloned on both displays.

Without the external monitor connected xserver starts in 800x600 non-scaled centred mode - this due to bug #288807.

I've played about with moving the video MTRR around via /proc/mtrr to try and resolve the primary issue in this report. So far I've not made much headway, aside from aligning the region on a size-boundary:

echo "disable=4" > /proc/mtrr
echo "base=0xf0000000 size=0x04000000 type=write-combining" > /proc/mtrr