Comment 212 for bug 317781

I just subscribed this bug as I started seeing this behaviour with 2.6.30-rc6 on my aspire one. First it was the 0 length files after a crash (the latest intel drivers still hang sometimes at suspend/resume or at logout/shutdown, and only the magic REISUB gets you out of it), and once I saw my /home mounted R/O because of a ext4 error (unfortunately didn't save dmesg) and after the fsck had again 0 byte files (mostly in my firefox profile, as I was web browsing at the time). Next time I get this bug I'll post here the dmesg.
Some possibly relevant points:
I formated both my / and my /home partitions clean with mkfs.ext4.
I have / on the internal ssd, and /home on a sdhc 8GB card.
I have 1.5GB RAM and no swap (to save some wear and tear on the flash memory).