Comment 193 for bug 317781

Theodore Ts'o (tytso) wrote :


If you really want this, you can disable delayed allocation via the mount option, "nodelalloc". You will take a performance hit and your files will be more fragmented. But if you have applications which don't call fsync(), and you have an unstable system, then you can use the mount option. All I can say is that I don't see these data loss problems, but everyone has different usage patterns.

In terms of trashed object files in the middle of the build, those object files are non-precious files. How often do you crash in the middle of a build? Should you slow down all builds just to handle the rare case where your system crashes in the middle of the build? Or would it be better to run "make clean", and rebuild the tree in the case where you have trashed object files? It's not like a kernel rebuild takes that long. OTOH, if your system is crashing all the time, there's something else seriously wrong; Linux systems shouldn't be that unstable.