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Bug #296500 reported by Leann Ogasawara on 2008-11-10
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SRU Justification: The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar in scope to the SRU process, e.g., each patch has to demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally backported form of that patch. The upstream stable patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu kernel as well.



These are the v2.6.27.5 commits from the linux-2.6.27.y git repository. Note that the SHA1 values in the Intrepid repo will be different:

1dbbd0bf5d15397a4e4a1ae3e3e82e0fe4f83c3a net: Fix recursive descent in __scm_destroy().
dcc5bc3d9f306cbb5e2f55d65bce1c8372b25fde file caps: always start with clear bprm->caps_*
c17c98e2755a57e09f16432654f40027780cbacd bonding: fix panic when taking bond interface down before removing module
c4305ddcd753bd84a465a2a319e7846f7783b439 hfsplus: check read_mapping_page() return value
e04d4d12ec20c70485c3410219704dd1ffb0ec15 hfsplus: fix Buffer overflow with a corrupted image
f969963e64dae0d3eb774fe3a1abc15439b34a54 Input: atkbd - expand Latitude's force release quirk to other Dells
2880654941dee9ffdd06abef2dfecef7f0a066ed ACPI: Clear WAK_STS on resume
1eac89c9bd3a640fb8ddc1d555f25435622f8275 ACPI: Ingore the RESET_REG_SUP bit when using ACPI reset mechanism
2992d0091900fc5d03e23f564f1ccf2edf12e8ba libata: Fix LBA48 on pata_it821x RAID volumes.
d2c8462acdffadba66c6c1fac99f52cddd73e238 ACPI: EC: Check for IBF=0 periodically if not in GPE mode
5b11308cd8fa5efdb71b56ff98d82bb94ce1a82e ACPI: EC: Rename some variables
5ceb40417bca2045350e77f740e0c4c94875fff2 ACPI: EC: do transaction from interrupt context
814eb57e1799337d9fbb68f5d838afa507dc014e sata_nv: fix generic, nf2/3 detection regression
7bee179aa2a63087ff80bdd7dcb8bd6da209f359 sata_promise: add ATA engine reset to reset ops
dcfdc4faa0dbe2aa4c68a43c79dc7eb630788351 x86: register a platform RTC device if PNP doesn't describe it
3fd1740d9b92fabf8d00c9c6208af0c18e44da1f USB: storage: Avoid I/O errors when issuing SCSI ioctls to JMicron USB/ATA bridge
257c3546190e87a6cb761ce146b4fe81b1ad8e86 rtc-cmos: look for PNP RTC first, then for platform RTC
df211d2ac9df176d9b9b4b0984f9dcb50ece39fc x86: avoid dereferencing beyond stack + THREAD_SIZE
5e55aa8db085dad1aabb4574c73c23c7ae571e7b sched_clock: prevent scd->clock from moving backwards
612f39d5e7baeb0518cfe50d53e37e14c0ca1475 sched: disable the hrtick for now
f20f02abf128336b155c31df5144245d849bea5e PCI: fix 64-vbit prefetchable memory resource BARs
b7e2c6ecfbf846d24161477de2bd2c781e133943 DVB: s5h1411: Power down s5h1411 when not in use
3fc8395149818a686df0ec8c4da5397a645ffe8a DVB: s5h1411: Perform s5h1411 soft reset after tuning
3d6b04d6871d38b6791a949d81b42aea0d7a389b DVB: s5h1411: bugfix: Setting serial or parallel mode could destroy bits
d4875d4acf2b1594e1a7f643dcf2b50fefbb7879 V4L: pvrusb2: Keep MPEG PTSs from drifting away
2036d699628785c4f489384a40b121a5dcb771eb ALSA: use correct lock in snd_ctl_dev_disconnect()
8a282dc975d9550850232759b6211eb6019a7b06 scx200_i2c: Add missing class parameter
177c6c42996567b406c66006369988ff9866c0b9 i2c: The i2c mailing list is moving
6b24a150a44fb93c94799bbb70fedabfe96520fc powerpc: Don't use a 16G page if beyond mem= limits
7bdb542c453c14e54af9ebe5c4a827e4a678c47d powerpc/numa: Make memory reserve code more robust
848517a887693a9a448de6aa9fd38a8cf33ef8b7 powerpc: Reserve in bootmem lmb reserved regions that cross NUMA nodes28ea6906b99eecdf6a0f385d07782d348cd07de8 powerpc: fix i2c on PPC linkstation / kurobox machines
fe40aac3d64f616a053d06fa328fc193b4789e71 ACPI: Always report a sync event after a lid state change
baae4f5fd7a75bdfa70d374b738963053df2bcaa firewire: fw-sbp2: fix races
25a5d6623213609e2569c9fc3c64136bbb811946 firewire: fw-sbp2: delay first login to avoid retries
ff0f8d16839cd02dc95bd92c212cbd5d433a4d2b firewire: fix struct fw_node memory leak
b6021579f54e5b6b31f03fe24de1208a2feb4aec firewire: Survive more than 256 bus resets
882491755d4c819de5bb593f04d06692185760aa firewire: fix ioctl() return code
0189ddb15f17f84f5c0b74450812ba5fa650fbd2 firewire: fix setting tag and sy in iso transmission
ec44dc786af59b8bb40429a34b0c28513339b610 math-emu: Fix signalling of underflow and inexact while packing result.
cb9eeb9a65a21538faeb6ce2e78e662598087624 sparc64: Fix race in arch/sparc64/kernel/trampoline.S
9a8eac41549d7ae0e40744177edd8dc8d59592e4 pkt_sched: sch_generic: Fix oops in sch_teql
a331c85a4d4b4d150d1cd9217aec376cabedd0bf tcpv6: fix option space offsets with md5
d4c9dac18e980a46ab767b2fd0182e58f8e44279 tcp: Restore ordering of TCP options for the sake of inter-operability
f29062d0ec12ee3a58c67228dc829574b4ced378 syncookies: fix inclusion of tcp options in syn-ack
052b0b637259e81fb17fbebd45db5098aef49c72 libata: initialize port_task when !CONFIG_ATA_SFF
0c7e4714bce40c3e7f8890eda8fc6f83bff2595c Revert "HID: Invert HWHEEL mappings for some Logitech mice"
1d2f30b7474b2607276d10b28af2bde423b6e609 libertas: fix buffer overrun
8dc186c1029b87183947df1cbcb4ad5cbd5eb59e atl1: fix vlan tag regression
a605398c51aa075de2ca49dbf65e0d8e583ffdc8 x86: fix /dev/mem mmap breakage when PAT is disabled
261d82c14d5e763e860cf82e7ee57bbc930dcf49 kbuild: mkspec - fix build rpm
a858c06703057cfdd142184e536c3ba36c45000e ALSA: hda - Add reboot notifier
ce372e05a1442405eed3e386205ad401307cea61 USB: fix crash when URBs are unlinked after the device is gone
2ed0ed09a6bb5dcb4c497908d2873e3c6096f27f ipmi: add MODULE_ALIAS to load ipmi_devintf with ipmi_si
ea6ac1ac96a384b213d65c28d9e3d62f74b0267e sysfs: Fix return values for sysdev_store_{ulong, int}
4c49d126ab91fdd12801e216105fa35f5a915781 S390: Fix sysdev class file creation.
5af73683b72a1d37ebb785eb4f03d9002c47e186 SCSI: sd: Fix handling of NO_SENSE check condition
da76580e24c6a30c31080d3cee44ef3f335b4f83 agp: Fix stolen memory counting on G4X.

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assignee: nobody → timg-tpi
importance: Undecided → Medium
milestone: none → intrepid-updates
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description: updated
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Adding a note that Bug 126140 should be resolved by commit a858c06703057cfdd142184e536c3ba36c45000e "ALSA: hda - Add reboot notifier" in this patch set.

After the last kernel upgrade, suspend is broken in my Macbook 1,1, in the sense that it suspends apparently in the right way, but when resuming I only hear the CD-rom searching sound (no video, no audio no anything) and I have to power off brutally.

In the logs the only line that seems related to the issue is this:

Nov 13 12:32:44 kawaii kernel: [ 5463.184694] ACPI: EC: non-query interrupt received, switching to interrupt mode

In particular, this line was present even before the update, but it popped up after resuming, not before suspending.

If you need more logs just ask!


Hi Stefano,

The changes have not yet been packaged and uploaded to intrepid-proposed for testing. The suspend issues you are experiencing after you've updated the kernel are not a result of these specific patches. If you can please open a new bug report I'd be more than happy to work with you there to narrow down the patch which has caused this regression. In the new bug report please specify the kernel version that was working and the kernel version you upgraded to which now has this regression. You can use 'cat /proc/version_signature' to determine the kernel version. Thanks.

I've marked bug 289754 as a duplicate of this master bug since it will be resolved with this set of patches.

Angel Carpintero (sack) wrote :

Instead of use , current stable should be tested I've tested both and also 2.6.28-rc5 as written in bug 289754.


I've marked bug 126140 as a duplicate of this master SRU bug since it will be resolved with commit a858c06703057cfdd142184e536c3ba36c45000e "ALSA: hda - Add reboot notifier" . bug 126140 had duplicates of it's own (bug 201813, bug 239145, bug 264072) so I've also re-duped those to this bug. Thanks.

Angel Carpintero (sack) wrote :

Today i have installed 2.6.27-10-generic that solves the issue described in bug 289754 :)

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

I have also used this kernel for about a week now, without noticeable regressions. Marking this one as verified, we have plenty of other bugs for .y to add more results to.

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

doesn't apply to jaunty, which already has 2.6.28.

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Tim Gardner (timg-tpi) on 2009-02-04
Changed in linux:
assignee: timg-tpi → nobody
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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