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Longshoreman (longshoreman) wrote :

Sound Problems – Solved

Hi All,
I have been doing lots of work trawling the net and picking brains far better than mine, then experimenting since last posting and I have a partial solution to the problem.

As we cannot get rid oft he PULSE AUDIO code without loosing the Ubuntu Desktop I have founs a workaround.

The solution that (eventually worked for me) I have listed below so that it may be of help to others

First we need to make ready the system the receive the OSS packsge so we need to install the Prereqrusites:

Open Terminal from the Taskbar (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)
Copy and paste the Code

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic linux-source build-essential

into the Terminal Box.
It will ask you for your password (this you set-up when you installed Ubuntu)
This will run the code and then go back to the prompt..
Then go to the OSS (Open Sound System) website and download oss:deb (distribution package)

I choose linux 2.6 - deb - x86 (It worked for me)

Right Click package.
Select open with GDebi Package Installer.

When this installed open

System > Preferences > Sound
In Sound Preferences in the Devices tab select OSS in all the option boxes.

Next right click in the task bar and Add the Gnome Volume Control.

Now Open Gnome Volume Control
Make sure that the Volume slide is set to max (to the right) and Mute is not selected (with a tick)
> Click Volume Control Box
> Volume Control Splash Box Opens
> Click Preferences Box
> Preferences Box Opens.
> Tick All Boxes > Close.
This will open all the volume control sliders for all various sound outputs.
> First make sure all the volume slides are near the top
Then with and audio source playing (CD?)
>Make sure vmiz0 is up near the top to maximise the output sound.
> Tick and untick the Mute Boxes for each control.
(It may seem daft, but even though a Mute Box may not show as muted it may still be!)
You should be listening now for sound
Depending on the chip set and Audio Card in your machine one or more of these output will control
Right Internal Speaker
Right Internal Speaker
Headphone Jack (Green)
Others (and there are many) will control recording and other stuff – not as yet investigated!
In my case the choices below worked.
*codec1 jack internal black shown twice > controls left and right internal speakers
*codec1 jack green > controls the Headphone socket (Green makes sense yes!)
.*vmix0-outvol > is the main output volume control (this in universal I think)
Now you should have sound from the outputs you desire and you can close the box.

As the Pluse Audio code is still installed it will periodically and at ramdom times re-assert itself and your sound will vanish again.

If this happens just open the Volume cotrole again and re-click the mute box at thge base of the sliders for the sound output you require (you sound hear a CLICK from the speakers which shows you have sound output again.

It has been a journey of dispare and discovery but hay thats Open Source right!?

Please post your results and comments It would be good to know how your get on.

Good Luck!