Comment 21 for bug 291760

In my case this is a very large campus-wide network with hundreds of access points. For some time I believed that the problem was related to specific access points but it seems to happen pretty much everywhere on campus at this point. The operations people say that while the amount of traffic on the wireless network has increased somewhat in the last year, they aren't seeing roaming problems or massive packet loss (I am getting about 30% on average due to this problem) like this, at least, not on Windows or Mac OS X.

I strongly suspect network-manager is to blame, and as I mentioned, upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid has only made the problem worse - where before it would randomly roam to a different access point, now it roams to (none) and back. Something in its logic that makes it decide when to switch access points (an action which I'm pretty sure is under the control of userspace and not the driver!) is broken.