Comment 126 for bug 291760

Please, if you're still seeing this issue, seeing as this bug was closed as Fix Released (and there *has* been changes at the NM level to handle this better); please file a new separate bug report for your particular issue.

Please keep in mind that the fewer "workarounds" applied here actually help a lot with the testing and debugging; otherwise we may end up debugging bad configuration.

The most useful thing to do here is to try this for your own system on a clean install of the current development release - Precise Pangolin, and to file a bug report for the issues you're seeing.

There *is not* anything else to be done at the NetworkManager level to support these broken drivers; the issues are at the kernel driver level. As it was mentioned in the upstream kernel bug report, the situation will have greatly improved in kernel 2.6.35 and higher (so at least Maverick); and the same has been observed using the NM trunk PPA (note that these versions do end up in newer releases, that's why testing with Precise Pangolin is useful). As far as I can see all the remaining comments mention the WL driver; which can easily be buggy (and unfortunately, is outside of our control).