Comment 102 for bug 291760

Peter Zieba (pzieba) wrote :

I have worked around this bug in my environment by simply disabling the 802.11a radios on our wireless infrastructure.

I have been able to show that this bug occurs with only one access point providing a given SSID, but only if the access point is running both 802.11a and 802.11b/g.

It is possible that this is actually a bug in wpa_supplicant, but being triggered through the (arguably excessive) roaming that Network-Manager causes.

My feeling is that roaming may not work properly when trying to reauthenticate to an access point on the other band, since it is technically already authenticated to that access point. The client, however, likely doesn't know it is the same AP, and therefore, already authenticated to it. This however, is not based on anything but gut-instinct.

Once again, this bug does not occur on Fedora Core 12 (running Network-Manager), OSX, and Windows XP.