Comment 15 for bug 259878

Adam McDaniel (adamrmcd) wrote :

After applying the alsa_eeepc901_fix.diff patch, there are some specific alsamixer settings that need to be set on those new channels, otherwise the new channels wont actually record. (Note, most users cite Skype as their software use-case, Skype just seems to do the "right thing" when presented with these additional channels, hence the lack of earlier instructions:) ... Here's what I use to set the alsa channels on the command-line (the same can be performed with gnome-volume-control and alsamixer, but I find using this 'amixer' example as easier to get the point across):

  amixer sset "Input Source" "Front Mic"
  amixer sset "Capture" "80%" "cap" "unmute"
  amixer sset "Front Mic Boost" "30%" "unmute"
  amixer sset "Front Mic" "100%" "mute"

Note1: That muted "Front Mic" refers to the output channel. Unmuting this will result in some nasty feedback between the internal mic and speakers.

Note2: Running this command on Intrepid may also require "-c 0" before sset. It might have been my own wonky alpha5 install settings, but for some reason PulseAudio was the default card <shrug>

Note3: I *believe* these four channels are available on ANY eeepc (700-1000h) with the appropriate patch installed, however I only actually own a 900. If one of these commands fail, run "amixer" and study the output before giving up.