Comment 58 for bug 259157

uuklanger (uuklanger) wrote :

I received an email from another user. "JC" suggested using vs network-manager. After looking at the docs it is pretty easy to install. There is a debian repo for Ubuntu. Simply add the repo and a keyfile. Then install. Network Manager gets removed and replaced with wicd.

Getting it working just requires a restart of the system and the setup of your wireless ssid. Since mine is hidden, I needed to click on the "Network" drop down and add a hidden network. Now my wireless was setup. But could I connect on reboot? Nope... It behaved just like network manager (not in the good way) until I turned on "Automatically reconnect on connection loss" in the main preferences.

Now it tries and re-tries after boot and gets me in. The behavior feel more like network-manager under hardy (the version that worked with my wireless card).

I am hoping that network manager gets re-patched to behave like hardy. Until then, I will use wicd to get me through this trouble I am having.