Comment 56 for bug 259157

Christiansen (happylinux) wrote :

Connecting to non-broadcasting AP's still impossible with Atheros.

As stated in bug #286165 I'm still unable to connect to an AP with hidden SSID in the new NM 0.7 in Interpid (last updateNov. 3. 2008) using an Atheros based Cisco AIR-CB21AG or Netgear WG511T PCMCIA card (Chipset AR5211). Unhidding the SSID om a test-AP too makes the the Atheros adapters work.

Checking with Kubuntu 8.04 seems NM 0.7 has (again) changed AP_SCAN mode from =1 to =2 causing the connection to fail. This has been a returning problem to NM, but was solved by Alexander Sack in both 7.10 and 8.04 with NM 0.6.x. Using the Linux-backport-module-intrepid doesn't seem to make change to this issue.