Comment 44 for bug 259157

Steve Netting (steve-netting) wrote :

Weirdness. In an attempt to assist with this bug, I changed the PSA key from hex to clear text in /etc/network/interfaces and it still manually connected (ifdown/up wlan1). I then removed the interfaces file, attempted to undo my previous changes to the nm-system-settings.conf but found Network Manager (the gui) insisting the device was now unmanaged. To try and restore a sane state, I did an aptitude reinstall network-manager. On reboot, Network Manager is now successfully managing my WPA connection.
Would this have pulled down an update due to the aptitude reinstall network-manager? I can't get a version number out of network manager :(

Kernel: 2.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP
ath5k (also using mac80211, led_class and cfg80211)
Using XFCE gui

/etc/network/interfaces now doesn't exist

'nm-system-settings.conf now contains simply:-


On first install /etc/interfaces did exist (but with only one or two lines - neither I recall being related to wlan1 - possibly loopback only?).
Could totally removing this file have made any difference?

I've since rebooted several times and on each Network Manager has done its magic.