Comment 16 for bug 259157

On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 05:44:59PM -0000, danielhollocher wrote:
> Another update: I just got an update for network-manger today, and now
> the program is a fail. Under Wireless Networks, it says "device is
> unmanaged", is greyed out, and shows a disconnected icon. I'm still
> thankful that I can use dhclient, and /etc/interfaces to configure my
> network, but network manager is not working. Additionally, pidgin and
> firefox are acting as if I have no net connection. (dig, ping, and
> telnet work fine)

NetworkManager will set the device to unmanaged mode by default if you
have it configured in /etc/network/interfaces.

So either remove your configuration from there (NM should allow you to
do almost everything nowadays) or set NM in managed mode (e.g. in

> Everytime I start firefox, it starts in offline mode. (Meaning, I can
> take it out of offline mode, and it works fine, but then if I close it,
> and reopen, its back in offline mode. All in the same session.)
> Pidgin seems to fail to connect. I've been waiting while I type up this
> bug report for pidgin to connect. I've already tested the irc server
> using telnet, and (I'm not experienced at that) it says hello,
> authenticate, you failed, goodbye. I also know that if I just disable
> and re-enable the account, it will just work. Its been a few minutes at
> this point.

Yes, thats a known issue of "unmanaged" mode and will be addressed
soon i hope.

 - Alexander