Comment 10 for bug 254326

Just come back from holidays.

I've installed linux-image-2.6.27-* package, and tested the *-server release.

Seems to be better on the D945GCLF board.
I've tested only this evening, but no freeze after several reboots.
2.6.24-19 kernel can freeze in ~10min.

Sorry, no trace of the lock in /var/log/kern.log.

But with my Neatgear GA311 (r8169 chipset), the softlock appends again.

It seems to be cause with the r8169 module.

2.6.24-19 with official r8169 module : freeze with or without GA311 (ie onboard r8101 chipset lan + r8169 card)
2.6.24-19 with last Realtek r8101 module AND r8169 module : freeze with GA311 (r8169) and sometimes without (when r8169 is loaded before r8101)
2.6.24-19 with last Realtek r8101 ONLY (r8169 blacklisted) : NO freeze (but GA311 don't work anymore)
2.6.27-2 : NO freeze without GA3131
2.6.27-2 : freeze with GA3131