Comment 13 for bug 251338

As I mentioned on IRC, there is little that Ubuntu can do about this bug besides enabling support for alternative DSDT through initramfs (already enabled in Hardy and will be in next version of Intrepid kernel).

Unfortunately, even if we could come up with fixed DSDTs for the innumerable versions of BIOSes shipped on all the variations of PCs and laptops(practically impossible), it wouldn't be legally possible for a distro to ship them as I understand it.

The way forward for users is:
- Disassemble the DSDT yourself or ask a friendly Linux hacker.
- Help others to fix their DSDTs if you have figured it out
- Upload your fixed DSDTs to so that others might benefit from them
- Report bugs in Linux ACPI to the kernel bugzilla so that we can be bug-for-bug compatible with Windows - Sad but true :-/
- Make your HW vendors aware of the problem and _request_ that they fix it.
- Vote with your wallets :)