Comment 0 for bug 251338

Description of problem:

Multiple ACPI problems and warnings on boot, PC will suspend and resume, but on resume sound will not work,
and on next reboot, it hangs and requires a hard reset, Thermal Zone and Fan
control support also appear to be missing, I had to set the BIOS to take control
of the fans, or else they run at 100% at all times.

The website for this motherboard:

I am using latest BIOS, which seems to allow CPU Frequency scaling to function.

Version-Release number of selected component:

Linux ryan-desktop 2.6.24-20-generic #1 SMP Thu Jul 17 15:55:27 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Running a 2.6.26-git9 kernel from appears to fix (some?) of this in that ACPI: Failed
To Attach Device messages are gone and PC suspends, resumes, and reboots, still
get checksum error relating to tbautils, and still no fan control support.

Behavior is the same with ACPI 1, 2, or 3.

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Install Foxconn G33M or G33M-S motherboard.
2. Boot Ubuntu
3. Try a suspend, resume, playing sounds, reboot.

Actual results:

Depending on your kernel, either resume doesn't work at all, reboot doesn't work after resuming, sound never works after resuming, and in all cases, ugly kernel error messages.

Expected results:

Suspend, resume, reboot all work, kernel gives no error messages.

Additional info:

I’ve attached all debugging info requested by DebuggingACPI page.

I’ve attempted to ask Foxconn about this, and they recommended I remove all of
my RAM and see if the problem continues. (OK, not as useful as funny, but still), I asked again and was told to go buy Windows Vista.